B2 EN, English class

English Class B2 – General topics


  • Information and technology
  • Creativity business
  • Setting your own b
  • Architectural designs and building in Madrid
  • Gate of Europe
  • The story of an Intern
  • Describe our skills at work
  • Hospitals in Madrid
  • Exploitation of the Poor countries
  • First and Third world?
  • Poverty

Feedback: The student were able a very good class atmosphere while sharing ideas and topics related to their job. Pronunciation is a bit of an issue with the vocabulary words, for example: the éd´ in a verb for the Past simple tense, and secondly getting the right preposition at the right place within a sentence. The learning style of all students differs from each other, hence communicating with each and knowing about their respective field, shows how interesting the medical and psychological field can be. GOOD JOB!

Feedback – 25_06 Lupe,Max and Pedro 7pm



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