B2 EN, C1 EN, English class

English Class B2-C1 – Phrasal verbs relating with clothes

  1. Have you ever found it difficult to take something off in a changing room?
  2. Have you ever bought clothes without trying them on first?
  3. Do you ever wear clothes until they wear out?
  4. Do you ever give away your clothes?

People idioms.

If you were a _________, what would you do?

Feedback July 20th


Diana understood the phrasal verbs relating to clothes, and successfully answered all the questions in the class. Max often have issues with sentence structures and placing the right preposition at the right place, however, phrasal verbs seems quite an easy task for him. Guillermo, a very serious and disciplined student, with the right strategy of note taking, shows progress every time he is in class; however need to work on sentence structure. David is someone who reads a lot in English, due to his good use of vocabulary words, however, will have to work hard on lack of confidence and timidity.



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