Teaching brilliant students at Adecco Professional

Student involvement

With their prior knowledge assessed, the students achieved high scores on a MCQ level testing, indicating a considerable amount of previous knowledge. The students were cooperative and work well together while responding positively to each other’s idea. This healthy relationship encouraged continuous progression throughout the differently themed classes. The students were always punctual, organised and consistently showed eagerness to learn.

Positive attitude

The students were always encouraged to share their ideas of the many approaches of work and daily life that people faced, however always their assistance, kindness, compassion and a simple helping hand extends. This was observed in different topic talked in class related to their profession and outside of work.

Objectives of the students

The students clearly developed effective communication skill, while struggling a bit with written assignments, oral, interpersonal with both the teacher and each other showing tolerance and harmony within group work.

Various in-class exercised involved intense activities which develop higher cognitive skills, critical thinking, creativity, analytical ability, and many more that required in their job profession at Spring professional. The students were involved in different speaking activities, where they showed their strong and weak points. They used appropriate styled ideas to deliver their assignment.

Developing their focus and depth in one or more disciplines

In the warm-up/ game activities and role plays, the glow on the student’s face was amazing, breaking the ice is the most difficult part to do. Thus those ice breakers helps in bringing people together and easing out the tension from the stress from their job. We can notice that their focus increases, they make perfectly structured questions if they do not understand, eager to know more on the topic and would share their opinions if they feel different.

Develop leadership skills

The students demonstrates curiosity for learning new things, ability to stimulate and direct collaborative learning and collaborative action when they are told to take control of the class. They encourage the teacher to bring new ideas and approaches as their progression seeks for new opportunities/interesting topics and challenging work lessons

Develop a global perspective:

With the use of multi-media and controversial topics that are currently happening in the world, the students express broad intellectual and cultural experience through active  engagement while understanding of the situation that the teacher want them to be aware of , the interactions among the individual, society, and the natural world. This was seen with different in-class topics, such as ‘Girls not brides’.


Always smiling and cheerful, she was a remarkable individual who was of particular combination of work and life experience, personality and excellent manners. Beatriz is a strong person who represent the importance of tremendous responsibilities of her fellow colleagues who works in Spring professionals. She never mix her personal issues or at work, another virtue of being powerful and a real talent. In the class, she was attentive to both her friend and the teacher, dedicated with the class work and pulling together to make the end meets. Her grammar and vocabulary level were consistently progressing due to her interest in American movies and TV shows. Her Word and sentence structure demonstrate that she can a very good understanding of learning in any academic environment, develop skills fast enough for and can interact and converse in a social, business or formal environment in English.


This student always impresses us with her humour and witty answers. She is an Independent thinker and learner, asks the right questions while keeping a balanced approach to the class topics. She is an attentive learner, writes down useful information and vocabulary and responds very well to questions during classes. What I observed, is that she is a type of learner that uses all her senses when analysing a situation or responding to any type of stimulus, which makes her an interesting student to teach to. She has a considerable amount of previous know-how on grammar and the language itself that she is able to engage in professional and business English and human resources field. She took the classes very important and had a big hand in making the journey successful, as the results can be seen in the various class/home works, role plays, games and activities all related to the daily and professional life.



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