B2 EN, English class

English Class B2 – Common expressions

  • Guess what? Excitement: used before saying something interesting
  • Come off it! . Disbelief: used when someone says something that you do not believe is true
  • Thank God! Relief: when you are happy that something bad did not happen
  • Suit yourself! Mild anger: used to mean `do what you want to do’ when someone does not want to do what you think they should do
  • Surprise, surprise. Disapproval: said sarcastically when someone has done something that you expected
  • That’s all I need! Frustration: used when a difficult situation has become worse
  • Mind your own business! Annoyance: used when someone is interested in something you feel is private
  • My condolences. Sympathy: used when someone’s close friend or a member of someone’s family has just died


Comments: Excellent pronunciation, the student made a lot of effort to say words like a native speaker. Also, really good participation, asking lots of questions to get some practice on question formation. Be aware of directly translating Spanish expressions into English, because people who don’t speak Spanish will be unable to understand what they mean.



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