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English speaking shops of Moncloa

If you are coming from another country and that it is hard for you to talk in Spanish, we recommend you to visit those shops in Moncloa, they will serve you in English, thus, you will feel more comfortable. If you know another foreigner, you will do him a favour by telling it to him.

PC Factory Computer

An informatics establishment where you can perfectly talk in English with the staff. If you need to mend your mobile phone or your computer, or if you want to buy some electronic devices and you don´t know where you can speak in your language, this is the place for you. Furthermore, it is located near our Academy, C./ Gaztambide 26.

pc factory computer


A dog groomer in Moncloa. If you are Portuguese and have got a dog, you can bring it to this place. The owner speaks a perfect Portuguese. In the center you can meet Raul Ferrio, a professional with experience, fond of dogs and grooming. Calle Gaztambide, 36.


Semilla Nativa (Ecologic fruit store)

If you are a defender of the environment, if you take care of you and eat healthy, you can come and buy there. They can attend you in English without any problems. This shop is increasingly successful but currently you can’t find much of them in this area. It is also situated really close to The A Academy. C/ Fernández de los Ríos, 95.


Kiyota Sushi

In this shop managed by Japanese, you can be served in English. You can also benefit from good Japanese food at a low price. Calle Donoso Cortés, 77.

kiyota sushi

In all food or cocktails´ franchises from here, you could be attended in English: In shops as: Burger King, Tako Away, McDonald’s, +kcopas, Lizarrán, etc.







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